3 Minutes to Detect and Respond

3 Minutes to Detect and Respond

by Adam
March 2, 2023

The amount of time it takes to react to a security attack is the most important factor in defining what happens when a cyber security attack occurs. If a business has a lot of security tools and things take a long time to detect and respond to an attack then a lot more damage can be done. This blog will look at the time to detect and time to respond, the importance of reducing these times, and how you can use a cyber training platform to help you address the issues.

Cyber attacks have become an everyday occurrence due to the recent expansion of digital environments, the number and complexity of organisational contexts and the related complexity of the tasks to be performed in those contexts.

It’s no longer a matter of if the attack will occur, but when it will occur and how successful it will be during the attack.

Cyber attacks are now a common occurrence due to the recent expansion of digital environments. High risks of data breaches and susceptibility are caused by a lack of knowledge and systemic flaws. Always more expensive than preventive measures is the expense of recovery.

Cyber security attacks on computer systems that are timely are the most effective.

A vulnerability can be exploited in a matter of seconds. Consider spearphishing assaults; they are personally targeted and arrive in the victim’s email box at precisely the appropriate time. The success of the cyber security attack depends on insider information about the targets of the attacker. Depending on the victim’s position, work routine, schedule, or even personal habits, it might be anything. The attacker will send an email if they know the victim anticipates one. It may contain harmful links or files that are connected, have branded elements that make it harder to recognize a phishing attempt, or direct the victim to a fake website.

The amount of time it takes to react to a cyber security attack defines everything.

It takes approximately 9 hours for an attacker to obtain all the sensitive information that is needed to exploit a victim’s network. It takes a lot of time for a company to identify a security breach afterwards. On average, it takes a company approximately 200 days to identify a cyber security attack and 70 days to contain it. 

A victim can select in a matter of seconds whether or not to interact with the assailant. Phishing attacks utilise deceptive tactics to prey on people’s trust, mental fatigue, distractions, or urgency to encourage a breach in cyber security. The fundamental actions for a victim to do are to decide not to engage, look up the sender’s domain, and get in touch with the real company to confirm that this email is coming from them.

If you are still unsure how to handle a timely spear phishing attack, then get in touch!

MONKPHISH is a cyber security firm that takes a human capital approach to security. We start with humans and then use technology to make them stronger. We foster an organic, upward cyberculture within the organisation that addresses spear-phishing threats, cyber security awareness, and social dynamics.

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