Cyber Security: Employees’ RELATIONSHIP-BUILDING

Cyber Security: Employees’ RELATIONSHIP-BUILDING

by Adam
June 23, 2022

The Covid-19 pandemic changed how we used to see the working environment. It requires even more attention to protect organisational data, networks, and apps today. Working from home blurred the borders between working time and leisure time. Companies’ devices became personal devices and vice versa. 

It is not a secret that employees are the easy target for phishing attacks in organisations, and their digital devices become tools for it. Accessing email inboxes, social media accounts, and networks either via personal devices or companies is the number one cyber security vulnerability. Building trustworthy relations between employees and across different departments in the organisation is the answer to tackling cyber security threats.

What is Relationship-Building?

Building trust, engagement, and loyalty are needed for relationship-building. Aligning with organisational vision, mission, and values is the core of building relationships in the organisational culture. Employees align with what is important for an organisation and create a sense out of it. Thus, their decisions and actions become meaningful and conscious. It is where the collaboration of employees toward organisational cyber security begins.

What is the value of Relationship-Building?

Relationships building across departments and collaboration among them in the organisation to prevent cyber attacks is vital. Trustworthy relationships in a team and between teams bring employees closer to the organisation’s values, vision, and mission. It builds up the engagement and support within teams, understanding of their roles and commitments.

What is cyber Relationship-Building?

Building interpersonal trustworthy relationships in the organisation are based on strategic communication, raising awareness, building knowledge, and providing support over cyber security. Helping employees learn about cyber security threats, increasing their awareness about cyber security, and training them will reduce cyber threats and increase cyber security. Your employees’ knowledge and skills should keep growing, developing, and being trained. Employees’ involvement in organisational cyber security and inclusiveness empowers employees to keep learning and performing better as being a part of the organisational voice and face. Cyber security is viewed as not exclusively an IT issue, but everyone’s responsibility. So to sustain cyber security building relationships becomes a core of it. 

The following steps are:

  • Patience, empathy, and understanding from cyber security leaders. It requires empathy and understanding from organisational leaders to allow employees to learn from their mistakes. It is a long road and it includes failures. 
  • Listening, guiding, and supporting. It is a big struggle to find skilled and experienced staff in both cyber security and not. Thus, employees’ support, coaching, and mentoring become vital to building relationships. 
  • Strategic communication is needed. To be able to effectively respond to cyber security vulnerabilities, organisational human capital should cooperate. Such trustworthy relations include a constructive dialogue over cyber security issues between leaders and teams. It can be a face-to-face meeting, sharing about cyber mistakes, and receiving guidance for correcting such mistakes. 
  • Positive behaviour change. It is critical to reducing employees’ anxiety over cyber security. Employees should use devices that respond to their needs, perform tasks consciously, and create a routine out of it. Such a safe digital environment will empower them to take responsibility for their digital actions. 

Reach us out if you have questions or want to learn how MONKPHISH can help you improve your organisational relationship building.

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