Cyber Security: Employee’s TRUST

Cyber Security: Employee’s TRUST

by Adam
June 2, 2022

In this upcoming series of blog posts, we will be talking about the relationship between cybersecurity and trust, cybersecurity and loyalty, cybersecurity and engagement, cybersecurity and relationship-building, and cybersecurity and shared responsibility. Usually, when cybersecurity is discussed, it is referred to as customer trust, loyalty, engagement, relationship-building, and responsibility-building. We will focus on employees’ trust, loyalty, engagement, relationships, and responsibility. Today, we will cover cybersecurity and employees’ trust.

What is Trust?

Trust is built. In this case, trust is built through an efficient dialogue between the organisation and its employees. Communication is key here. Organisational channels, communication platforms, and internal communication among departments play a vital role in trust-building. Building trust in cyber security requires cyber security awareness among employees on the organisational level. Upskilling employees and building up their competence is also a part of building trust in organisational cyber security.

What is the value of Trust?

The rushed digitalization and increase in digital communication multiplied the amount of network-connected devices, technology users, and digital platforms. Since 2016, the number of security incidents in the organisation has increased by 26%. We usually come across technical solutions to such matters. Although technological solutions are there to sustain organisational communication and boost trust between employees and employers but not to build it. 

Only 36% of IT employees felt that cybersecurity was a significant part of the business. What about employees in financial, human recruitment, legal advice, and other departments? Employees need to have a chance to become aware of possible cyber security incidents, how to recognize them, report them, and learn from their mistakes. They should understand the organisational value and meaning of cyber security.

What is cyber Trust?

Cyber security backed by trust brings confidence to the organisation. Employees are the face of organisations. Thus, without engaging employees in the cyber security side organisations are risking their reputation. By building cyber trust they can create value-based management and improve cyber security in the organisation where employees will realise the long-term value of cyber security and contribute towards the organisational goal. 

Cyber trust ensures a better dynamic in the organisational environment. Social dynamics created through cyber trust achieve data breach resilience in the organisation. It also releases employees’ anxiety over possible cyber security mistakes and eliminates the misplacement of trust, meaning that it reduces such occasions as employees connecting to open wifi networks, using unmonitored and unsecured connections, and USB information transfer. 

Cyber trust cannot be taken for granted. Employees need to be told and explained the value of cyber security trust. They need to understand why it is essential to take and not to take certain measures. Thus, communicating cyber security on the organisational level is essential and leads to organisational inclusion and trust-building. This communication needs to be transparent and trustworthy where learning from mistakes creates a positive behaviour change in the organisational environment.

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