Cyber Security Made Simple – MONKPHISH

Cyber Security Made Simple – MONKPHISH

by Adam
January 26, 2023

Have you ever had your identity stolen? How about your financial information? If you haven’t had your identity stolen, then you probably know someone who has. In fact, most of us are victims of cybercrime in one form or another, either by identity theft or online fraud. What’s it feel like to have your email, phone number, and password exposed to the entire world? That’s a feeling you never forget. And it’s a feeling that we’re all experiencing more and more. Some people think that cyber security is too difficult to understand. But we believe that cyber security is too important for us to ignore. 

Cybersecurity is a technical term as much as it is a human term. As we continue to digitise more of our lives and information, we also increase our vulnerability to cyber attacks. As the world grows more digital, data protection is only one aspect of cyber security. The wider picture is that highly developed cyber security defences enable several activities that are integrated into our daily life, such as remote administration and automatic ordering.

Cybersecurity is a problem that goes beyond technicalities.It is well known that human error contributes to many cybersecurity errors. Better cybersecurity procedures may result from integrating cybersecurity teams with all company personnel. And yet, only 30% of small companies have employee training programs. But most of them are not even integrated into the day-to-day routine and take place only once a year as a short video lecture.

Investing just 1 minute each week in your employees leads to improved cyber resilience and cyber hygiene. – Adam Wojtonis, CEO at MONKPHISH

According to the latest statistics, people are aware of the risks of digital communication, but yet ignore sophisticated measures for proper cyber security defence. One of the reasons for such ignorance is that it is not always easy to realise that your data has been compromised. Stolen information can be used for a larger scale purpose, involving multiple actors, or be a subsequent attack. Today, even smaller businesses are victims of cybersecurity attacks, which make up at least 50% of all cybersecurity breaches.

Tech Aspect of Cyber Security

Technology can help you to fix that issue, but the cost of recovering from cyberattacks increases. 

What one can do is implement:

  • Firewalls to protect the system from the attack
  • Anti-virus program
  • Anti-spy program
  • Anti-spam software
  • Anti-phishing software
  • Insurance covering the cost of replacing damaged infrastructures 
  • Insurance covering the labour costs of investigation, system rebuilding, and data restoring

Human Aspect of Cyber Security

It’s critical to realise that we have the ability and responsibility to alter the way we respond to threats to computer security. The majority of individuals often consider the information they receive in emails to be secure. We have a cyber security hole here. We still don’t know what to do after being deceived by a human weakness and falling for a cyber security attack. Today, we should spread awareness about cyber security.

Cyber Security Guard

Cyber barriers are the only available technology, but they are insufficient. Cyber fences demand interaction from people. The secret to effective cyber security is training users from various organisational departments. It will make the business more resilient in the event of a cyberattack. 

Cybersecurity is not a product but a process. – Bruce Schneier

MonkPhish Cyber Security differs

MonkPhish performs better than conventional cyber security instruction. The ones that know the organisation best in this professional setting are the personnel. Employees are able to mimic sophisticated, extremely focused spear-phishing attacks in this way. By mimicking actual phishing assaults, it provides an engaging user experience. It enables individuals to actively comprehend how individualised and targeted spear-phishing attacks function. We promote teamwork in cyber security and spreading knowledge about spear phishing. We think that team members learn how spear phishing genuinely operates when they learn how social engineering attacks can be built. As a result, they are able to identify and counter spear-phishing assaults.

A phishing handbook was produced by our cybersecurity professionals to assist you understand cyber security phishing in simple terms.

It includes:

  • Introduction to Social Engineering. Understanding stages of cyber attacks.
  • Introduction to Phishing. Types of Phishing attacks.
  • Learning about cyber literacy, the importance of cyber knowledge, cyber skills, and stages of cyber literacy.
  • The risks of digital communication and how to check if you compromise your cyber security. 
  • Cyber Security Phishing Tips.
  • 15 Hacks on how to stay aware and prepared for phishing attacks.


MONKPHISH is a cyber security firm that takes a human capital approach to security. We start with humans and then use technology to make them stronger. We foster an organic, upward cyberculture within the organisation that addresses spear-phishing threats, cyber security awareness, and social dynamics.

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