Cyber Security Skills Gap and Why It’s Making You Vulnerable

Cyber Security Skills Gap and Why It’s Making You Vulnerable

by Adam
July 28, 2022

Cyber Security is the field that every business needs to understand. In this blog we will look at the shortage of skilled employees in Cyber Security, the complexity of Cyber Security tools, and why people need Cyber Security tools that are easily understood and provide reporting assets.

Cyber Security Skill Gap

The shortage of skilled employees in cyber security is around 2,5 million. The complexity of cyber security tools used in the organisation impacts the effectiveness of cyber security itself. People need cyber security tools that are easily understood and provide reporting assets. 

The problem is that cyber security is not seen as individual privacy targeting but more business-level targeting. Targeting people outside their workspace does make sense to cybercriminals. It is fast, easy, and profitable:

  • It is fast because people are usually distracted. 
  • It is easy because it is easy to exploit human trust. 
  • It is profitable in a sense of getting access to the individual’s sensitive data and the company that the individual works at.

So how do we keep cyber guards beyond office doors? 

Now is a perfect time for individuals and businesses to pursue new learning approaches to cyber security. There are “very attacked people” whose personal information is usually publicly available. 

The most common field where such people work in education, marketing, finances, supply, and medicine. Cyber security can be self-taught due to formal cybersecurity training being too short, too intense, too complex, and simply not enough. But the issue remains the same: many employees do not know enough about social engineering attacks to defend organisational cyber security. 

Why does the Cyber Security Skill Gap make you Vulnerable?

We defined the lack of knowledge. Now we need to mention the fatigue that employees experience from feeling constant anxiety of cyber attacks. 

We already covered this topic in more detail in our previous blog. However, it is worth saying again that cyber fatigue is quite common and comes from employees feeling overwhelmed by cyber security: 

  • they do not feel included
  • lack support
  • feel pressured
  • are scared of making human errors and being fired for it

 All comes from the lack of cybersecurity awareness and proper human capital integration in cyber security.

So, how do we empower people to become more cyber-conscious and responsible? 

Here are 5 tips for you:

  • Take a human-centred approach
  • Create constant cyber awareness and updates
  • Include people in cyber security daily
  • Provide support and apply a positive behaviour change
  • Gamify cyber security environment 

Gamification for cyber security is a great way to inspire positive behaviour in a way that’s engaging and fun. The more users feel like they are in control of their cyber security, the more likely they will not make careless mistakes. 


Psychologically gamifying cyber security can inspire people to act cyber safe in the digital environment.

Give users the tools they need to avoid security mistakes. Contact MONKPHISH to get assistance. 

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