Deepfakes: AI-Driven Deception of the Powerful

Deepfakes: AI-Driven Deception of the Powerful

by Adam
February 9, 2023

Deepfakes are not a new development, but in the last few weeks, the concept has entered into the public consciousness with the release of deepfake videos, especially movie trailers. Although deepfake technology has been around for a while now, it has only recently blown up. Deepfakes are a type of AI-driven media that visually misleads an audience. In the recent elections, deepfakes were used to propagate false propaganda about candidates. This blog will look at the different ways that deepfakes are misused and how we can stop it.

Artificial intelligence (AI) called Deepfake can be used to produce convincing fake pictures, sounds, and movies. It produces individuals and circumstances that do not exist or did not take place. It is used to propagate false information and deceive the public. The phrase refers to something fake and deep learning. 

Deepfake is a term used to describe a type of artificial intelligence (AI)-driven media that visually misleads an audience or a technology system by showing a person acting in a way that they did not actually do.

Various types of Deepfakes

  1. Textual. AI-generated context, machine learning-, and NLP-based artistic endeavours like drawing.
  2. Video. False images and videos produced by AI, especially when they are used in the media to explain events.
  3. Audio. Human voice produced by AI. Deepfake algorithms can pick up information from a voice impersonator’s audiotapes.
  4. Identity. Deepfake profiles on social media created by AI.
  5. Real deepfakes. It enables the impersonation of political rivals and the imitation of user voices by hackers for voice authentication.

What are Deepfakes used for?

Deepfakes have already been deployed to target financial institutions and impersonate politicians and artists. Hackers have access to a lot of personal information to fabricate identities using high-quality images, videos, and social media profiles. It is used to send phishing emails, manipulate public opinion, run deceptive campaigns, and get through identification checks. It can only be defeated by creating and spreading awareness about it.

Sociological engineering 

Deepfakes are a tool used by cybercriminals to build schemes that undermine organisations.


False videos regarding international leaders are disseminated using deepfake videos.

Identity fraud


It is used as retaliation against well-known celebrities to deepfake their participation in non consensual pornography.

Monetary fraud 

The technique is used by cybercriminals to fabricate documents or falsely authenticate identities.

How to identify Deepfakes?

10 distinct signs of Deepfakes

  1. Lack of eye movement or abnormal eye movement.
  2. An absence of blinks.
  3. Inappropriate facial expression.
  4. Unnatural body shape because deepfakes tend to emphasise faces over bodies in general.
  5. Abnormal hair. Deepfakes are unable to produce distinctive traits.
  6. Unusual skin tone.
  7. Awkward bodily alignment.
  8. Strange lighting.
  9. Discoloration. It might have odd lighting and misplaced shadows.
  10. Lip-syncing issues or misalignment with the speaker’s speech.

How to fight Deepfakes?

All deep-fake images and deep-fake information are now being blocked on social media. In an effort to improve deepfake detection tools, researchers have been working on them. Programs for filtering data are also being developed to stop deepfakes. The best course of action, however, is to raise awareness among the public about the telltale indicators of fake photos and videos, as well as how and why deepfakes are utilised.

Deepfakes, often known as phishing, use controversial content to entice visitors into clicking on something that contains a hidden, dangerous component. It is impersonated, making it a serious threat to online safety.

We hope you enjoyed this article on Deepfakes!

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