Ethical hacking: simple, fast and accurate

Ethical hacking: simple, fast and accurate

by Adam
September 15, 2022

At a time when almost every piece of information is in the cloud or on shared networks, it’s very important to keep your information secure. Even the best protection systems can have vulnerabilities which can lead to data breaches if not addressed. Ethical Hacking is a legal action that detects vulnerabilities in an organisation’s cyber security. This blog looks at the different aspects of Ethical Hacking and how they can help organisations keep data secure.

What exactly is Ethical Hacking?

Ethical hacking is a legal action that detects vulnerabilities in an organization’s cyber security. Ethical hackers look into potential data breaches, cyber security threats, and flaws. In other words, it is a system security test defence.

Who exactly are ‘Ethical Hackers’?

Ethical or White hackers are security experts whose mission is to identify organisational cyber security vulnerabilities. Social engineering hacking differs from malicious hacking in a way that it involves manipulating people rather than breaking into the system and gaining access to vulnerable information from them.

Data collection and analysis are critical steps in discovering ways to breach data and learning how to improve software security. Almost all cyber security breaches necessitate human intervention. As a result, white hackers assist customers in learning how to recognize and respond to a social engineering attempt.

How does Ethical Hacking work?

Certain guidelines in their routine limit ethical hackers. Every organisation will eventually experience a data leak. To assist organisations in surviving, ethical hackers inform them about improvements and define corporate network strategies. Let’s look at some strategies that are used by ethical hackers. 


Scanning is one of the methods used by white hackers. It is a stage in which white hackers attempt to find various ways to gain access to a company’s information. They are looking for data from user accounts, credentials, IP addresses, passwords, and other information that any social engineer would have. White hackers seek out a company’s vulnerabilities and weak points to exploit them. They are gathering data and looking for simple ways to ‘open doors’ to companies’ data. White hackers also investigate network vulnerabilities to locate active devices and open doors.


It is a stage in which white hackers attempt to gain unauthorised access to the system, install malicious software, or steal credentials. The customer can see how password-protected the system and network are here. Employees typically receive spear phishing emails at this stage.

Evidence removal 

It is a stage in which white hackers attempt to erase their tracks so that no attacker is identified. It is necessary to ensure that no trace, clue, or evidence remains to maintain the connection to the compromised system. 

What exactly is an Ethical Hacker policy?

The white hacker will test and retest the system to ensure that it is secure and improved. They are interested in providing the company with reports containing identified vulnerabilities as well as suggestions for improvement. They will keep this information private because their goal is to improve system security. 

To put it short the main values that ethical hackers follow are: 

  • Authorised access
  • Planning
  • Reporting
  • Confidentiality
  • Clearing traces

Today, thanks to the advent of simulation technologies, companies that want to protect their digital assets from cybercriminals, do not need to hire ethical hackers. Simulation technologies not only save companies money, but also give them a lot of information about the threats that need to be taken into account. Simulation technologies, which are now available, create competition for ethical hackers. They enable users to circumvent the restrictions imposed on ethical hackers. 

MonkPhish is a phishing simulation platform and cyber security game. It is simple, quick, and precise. It is secure, unlimited, and provides you with up-to-date analytics on the internal cyber security environment. MonkPhish is a comprehensive cyber security tool that integrates cyber security culture in every member of your organisation. Testing organisational security vulnerabilities is not only simple, but also enjoyable and ongoing, providing your organisation with a unique tool for improving cyber security without the involvement of third parties. 

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