MONKPHISH – Cybersecurity for YOU

MONKPHISH – Cybersecurity for YOU

by Adam
February 23, 2023

Cybersecurity is both a technological and a human concept. In the modern digital world, cyber security is a critical concern. Cybersecurity is viewed as a technical problem that must be resolved by IT professionals rather than as a human one. 

Products for cyber security have typically been made for highly skilled technical users. Because of this, regular folks like you and I now find them to be exceedingly challenging to utilise. When you come across a cyber security solution, you could feel overwhelmed and unqualified to utilise it. Learning, using, and applying cyber security don’t have to be particularly challenging. It may be easy and interesting!


First, a technical approach to cyber security is the most common.

Second, regular half-hour training sessions held once or twice a year do not address the true threat. Because hackers who commit cybercrimes are people with complex motivations, it is difficult to forecast what they will do. It is difficult to foresee what they will aim for, approach you with, and acquire from you. 

Third, we developed the concept for a cyber security training platform after realising that a renewed focus was required to fight spear-phishing attempts. MonkPhish was released in 2020. MonkPhish is an entertaining training tool that teaches users how spear phishing assaults operate as well as how to recognize, report, and stop them.

How does MONKPHISH work?

We encourage pleasant competition, teamwork, and awareness-building for spear phishing. Cybersecurity risks, as well as cyber protection and response measures, are simulated in cyber security training. 

MonkPhish offers a secure setting for workers to compete and test one another in a gamified setting. Team members build and send each other simulated spear-phishing assaults in our main game. By deceiving coworkers into clicking the fake emails, they can earn points. 

We think that team members will gain a better understanding of spear phishing when they discover how social engineering attacks can be developed. As a result, they are able to identify and counter spear-phishing assaults.

What makes MONKPHISH unique?

Compared to conventional cyber security training, MonkPhish is more efficient. By mimicking actual phishing assaults, it offers an engaging user experience and encourages staff competition. Since your staff are the ones who know your business the best, they may mimic complex, highly targeted spear-phishing attacks. 

Standard “spear phishing training” makes use of templated phishing attempts, maybe with target names that are automatically altered. MonkPhish offers the chance to actively comprehend how individualised and targeted spear-phishing attempts operate.

What is the value of MONKPISH?

The majority of individuals often consider the information they receive in emails to be secure. We have a cyber security hole here. We still don’t know what to do after being deceived by a human weakness and falling for a cyber security attack.

The largest problem, according to many users, is having to report a user’s cyber security incident. It is the space between abdicating responsibility and acting appropriately in the given situation. It’s critical to realise that we have the ability and responsibility to alter the way we respond to threats to computer security.

MONKPHISH takes a human capital-based approach to cybersecurity. We put people first and use technology to strengthen people after that. We promote cyberculture within the company; it is upward-moving, organic, and deals with social dynamics, spear-phishing threats, and cyber security awareness.

Today, we should spread awareness about online safety precautions and hazards. Therefore, we developed a tool to aid in developing cyber security competencies. We emphasise modifying social behaviour, encouraging the reporting of phishing attempts, and identifying positive trends in cyber security culture. Our products contribute to the long-term extension of cyber security knowledge and development of cyber security abilities.

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