MONKPHISH makes you safer in the digital world

MONKPHISH makes you safer in the digital world

by Adam
March 16, 2023

Digital communications are a part of our daily life. The Internet is used for communication, entertainment, business, and even to invest money. We should use the digital world to communicate with each other, but we should also guard ourselves against its negative effects. Learn to control our digital communications by playing it safe and use the right Internet security in our blog.

Today, digital communication is dominating. We’ll keep using the Internet to communicate, download and install software, and post information on social media. It implies that we will continue to put ourselves at risk of falling victim to cyber security risks. Such online dangers that target our sensitive data will continue to arrive in our email boxes.

Digital Security Guard Behaviour

It’s critical to realise that we have the ability and responsibility to alter the way we respond to threats to computer security. The majority of individuals often consider the information they receive in emails to be secure. We have a cyber security hole here. We still don’t know what to do after being deceived by a human weakness and falling for a cyber security attack.

The largest problem is having to report a user’s cyber security incident. It is the space between abdicating responsibility and acting appropriately in the given situation.

Digital Security Guard Mode

We should spread awareness about online safety precautions and hazards. Cybercriminals find ways to defeat even the most advanced AI. Cyber barriers are the only available technology, but they are insufficient. Cyber fences demand interaction from people.

The majority of people will react quickly and favourably if there is an emergency during the cyberattack. Helping people identify the cyber security threat and take on the role of their own personal cyber security guard is crucial.

Digital Security Guard Tool

The secret to effective cyber security is ongoing training. We developed a tool to aid in developing cyber security competencies and altering cyber security behaviour patterns.

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MONKPHISH is a cyber security firm that takes a human capital approach to security. We start with humans and then use technology to make them stronger. We foster an organic, upward cyberculture within the organisation that addresses spear-phishing threats, cyber security awareness, and social dynamics.

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