MONKPHISH – Your Key to Better CyberSecurity

MONKPHISH – Your Key to Better CyberSecurity

by Adam
March 30, 2023

Are you stuck in a cycle of cyber security simulations and training? The issue is that the majority of the market’s current cyber security offerings provide simulations, libraries, and training that is pre-formatted. They cover the most widespread dangers to cyber security, but not the most common ones. That makes sense given that such training cannot be targeted or extremely specialised to the demands of a single person.

A platform for cyber security called MonkPhish employs a human capital approach to security. Humans are the foundation, and technology is used to strengthen them. We promote an organic, upward cyberculture within the company that addresses social dynamics, cyber security awareness, and spear-phishing threats.

The organisation as a whole does not address cyber security, which is another issue. Yet coping with the risks of social engineering calls for the exact opposite of what should be done.Organisational cyber security resilience can be improved with a long-term tactic to boost business cyber security effectiveness. 

MonkPhish seeks to enhance employee awareness and cleanliness throughout the company while also fostering a more secure working environment online. It is a service with a tight employee focus that develops a personally targeted strategy. In terms of organisational cyber security, each user is viewed as the most precious asset, and their online activity warrants special attention.

MONKPHISH unique cybersecurity value

MonkPhish is a form of active, flexible, and experiential learning. One of the main forces is educating people on how to spot and report cyber attack attempts. Due to their knowledge of the tactics hackers use to exploit people’s attention and trust, employees are able to make informed judgments on cyber security. Employees know the organisation from inside.

As a result, the design of MonkPhish products is focused on revealing the vulnerability that exists. Employees gain knowledge of the spear phishing attack’s personalization component. In a method that doesn’t feel like training, MonkPhish promotes corporate cyber security culture and raises workers’ cyber security awareness.

MonkPhish is a technology that helps the company normalise cyber security. We’re encouraging staff to bring up cyber security in casual conversations every day.

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