Predict, Prevent and Protect with MONKPHISH

Predict, Prevent and Protect with MONKPHISH

by Adam
September 1, 2022

Cyber security training is an essential part of keeping your business safe these days. However, it is also very important to make sure that your employees are trained in the right way and given the best possible training. This blog will look at a complementary framework to cyber security suits.

Do you find yourself in a loop of cyber security training and simulation? Do you see no further progress in building cyber security knowledge? The problem is that most current cyber security market products offer templated training, simulations, and libraries. They address the most common cyber security threats but not the most prevalent ones. It is understood because such trainings cannot be targeted or very specific to the needs of one individual.

Cyber security framework we are used to

The problem is also that cyber security is not addressed across the whole organisation. And this is the opposite of what should be done when dealing with social engineering risks. Cyber security should be accessible by everyone in the organisation and integrated into the daily tasks of employees. Everyone is vulnerable. The task is to engage people in cyber security and train them to make the right choices. 

Complementary cyber security framework

MonkPhish is a social engineering simulation that allows one to engage in cyber security on individual, small-scale, and full-scale organisations. Employees know how to make conscious cyber security decisions since they learn what hackers do to compromise individuals’ attention and trust. They learn about the personalisation part of spear phishing attacks. 

MonkPhish drives human behavioural change. One of the key drivers is teaching people to recognise and report the attempt of cyber attacks. The more employees report, the more knowledge they find about cyber security. The simulation takes around 30 seconds. Spearphishing simulations get you to learn by creating spearphishing emails and reporting signs of phishing in such emails. 

“30 seconds – 1 minute a week means investing in employees and improving cyber resilience and cyber hygiene in the environment”

Cybercriminals are getting smarter and smarter to bypass conventional security measures. They are taking advantage of the human side of cyber security. MonkPhish is there to help to improve the human side of cyber security. It is a part of the comprehensive cyber security suite. If you are engaged in business transactions, fintech or telecommunications, you are probably a high-value target for cybercriminals.This is where MonkPhish comes into the picture. Reach us out or book a demo to learn more about MONKPHISH solutions.

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