School-Based Cyber Security

School-Based Cyber Security

by Adam
January 19, 2023

Technology has been shaping the way we work, play, and interact with each other. Technology, specifically social media, is also increasingly being used as a tool for education and a medium for communication. It is used in children’s environments, both educational and recreational. Therefore, it is essential to safeguard the equipment they use and the surroundings they are in. 

Education has also become simpler, more accessible, and more efficient because of technology and digitalization. Therefore, it is crucial to prevent data from being exploited, compromised, and utilised to control students and teachers. This blog will examine methods in cyber security attacks as well as the defences put in place by educational institutions.

A single cyber security incident might potentially have a negative impact on schools. Both students and school personnel may have their data and reputations stolen, therefore they both need to have a basic understanding of cyber security. Since many educational organisations had to develop their digital services in response to the Covid-19 outbreak and had no other option, they are particularly vulnerable to cyber security attacks. Such organisations store a lot of sensitive information and have a high number of users connected to a single shared network. 41% of higher education cybersecurity incidents and breaches were caused by social engineering attacks. Institutions should be responsible for ensuring that students are aware of and confident in digital solutions of their schools.

The Cyber Security incidents to avoid at schools

Unauthorised data access

Data breaches

Data compromise

Credential misuse



Such outcomes may lead to the destruction of academic records, a social media and website takeover, or even the closure of schools. So what are the cyber security challenges that schools are facing today?

Cyber Security challenges schools are facing today

  • Unsecure wireless connection

  • Wireless routers

  • Social media usage

  • Social media information sharing

  • Scam emails

  • Increase in e-learning tools

  • Lack of resources

  • Teachers awareness lack

  • Students awareness lack 

  • Lack of cyber security policies

Educational institutions have the slowest recovery time from cyber attacks. Cybersecurity lessons should be part of the study plan. Youth will therefore have a greater understanding of digital surroundings, thereby defending themselves against dangers including identity theft, credential theft, psychological online manipulation, falling for phishing schemes, and invasion of digital privacy. That is why it is easier to prevent than to recover.

Cyber Security guidance for schools

  • Information back up
  • Advanced password security
  • Anti-virus solutions
  • Anti-malware solutions
  • Raising cyber security awareness at schools 
  • Sufficient phishing training for teachers 
  • Cyber security study curriculum for students 
  • Cyber hygiene

Why is Cyber Security Awareness important?

It keeps students and teachers secure and defends them against online threats. They gain knowledge about phishing scams and techniques, the psychology involved, and practise spotting them. It alters perceptions of the digital world, makes it easier to account for all potential weaknesses, and fills in any holes by enhancing social media, password, wi-fi, and data security in general. Additionally, it can strengthen the bonds between parents, students, and teachers as well as boost overall digital trust.

Cybersecurity is an ever-growing issue that is becoming more and more prominent in our society. In order to combat this issue, we believe that schools should be required to offer cybersecurity awareness lessons to their students.

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