A quick tour of MonkPhish

MonkPhish is a cyber security game that trains and educates your team to recognise and respond to cyber attacks.


The MonkPhish Dashboard provides and overview of the user’s activity and progress in our cyber security game.

This page shows the user’s score and remaining sending credits. The sending credits are able to be used to send simulation emails to others.

The user’s score is determined based on their actions in the game – they lose points for being caught and gain points for sending, reporting, and catching others with their simulation emails.

Dashboard - Cyber Security Game
Compose emails in the Cyber Security Game

Email Composer

The MonkPhish Email Composerโ€‹ replicates the standard email user experience with the addition of a couple of spear phishing related features.

Users can also pre-populate the email by forwarding a draft email from their own email account.

A tutorial is also available to guide users through the process of creating a spear phishing attack email.


The leaderboard is the nerve centre of the MonkPhish game – this is where users are ranked as part of the competitive and collaborative nature of the game.

Users are ranked based on their score – which is a combination of points received for sending, catching, and reporting, in addition to those lost from when they were caught.

Cyber Security Game rankings are displayed here

User Reported Emails

MonkPhish provides a simple mechanism for the reporting of suspected phishing emails by users – users just forward the email to us.

It is also a part of the game to report these emails – users get points when they do it so it becomes a part of their normal routine. If the user reports an email that is not recognised by MonkPhish as coming from the game, the user will also be immediately sent an email alerting them to this with a checklist of things to do before clicking or responding to the email.

In Pro and Enterprise versions it is possible to set up email notifications to specific users when a reported phishing email is not recognised by MonkPhish as coming from the game. Also, for Enterprise, talk to us about how we can set up integrations with other systems you are already using.

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Caught Users

Administrators on MonkPhish can see a list of users that have been caught in the cyber security game.

This list is live and can be used to follow up with users in addition to the automated notification emails that MonkPhish sends them.


MonkPhish comes with basic reporting in every package.

More advanced reporting tools and automated reports are available in Pro and Enterprise level packages.

Here you can see how many users, how many spear phish emails were sent, and how many were clicked. You can also see weekly statistics for users and phishes.


Teams in MonkPhish is a feature that allows you to create different game scenarios.

By placing users in a team, you can easily group them for different styles of game play. You can define the targets a user sees based on their team – it can be limited to their own team, all users, or you can even set another team as the target for the ultimate showdown between accounting and sales!

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