Special Offer for BOXX Brokers

Protecting your business from phishing is more important than ever.

Employees rarely think they would ever be the target of a sophisticated attack. “Why me?” Everyone feels they are too smart to be duped.

Cyber attacks are becoming more frequent. It’s no longer a question of if you will be attacked, but when.

Not investing in your team to boost awareness means it is only a matter of time before a social engineering attack disrupts your business.

We all need to be extra vigilant in managing potential cyber threats.

This is why BOXX is collaborating with MonkPhish to provide a tailored solution for you.

MonkPhish’s training technology is designed for small to medium sized businesses like yours.

It enables you and your team members to send test spear phishing emails just like this one to each other and rank your ‘hits’. Teams train themselves to become better at spotting suspicious emails and to avoid spear phishing attacks while they have fun!

Learn more from the MonkPhish team and mention you are a BOXX broker to qualify for preferred rates, with pricing starting as low as from $5.50 per month for companies with 20 employees or less.

Quick overview of MonkPhish

Reduce your exposure to cyber attacks with an engaging game.

With MonkPhish, all your employees are exposed to realistic simulated phishing emails in a fun and safe environment.

Through an engaging, hands-on game format, they learn how to recognise and respond to phishing attacks, preparing them for real attacks when they happen.

Special Offer for BOXX Brokers:

Here is a special offer for BOXX Brokers:

12 months of MonkPhish from only $50.00 for 20 employees

To take advantage of this limited time offer, please use the special links below to order:

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Not ready to buy but want to find out more? Book a call with MonkPhish here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Phisher is a “traditional” phishing test – one person can create and send out a fake email to a bunch of their colleagues and see who falls for the trick and clicks. The multiplayer game is a better simulation of spear phishing attacks, when anyone in a team can send out a specific spear phishing email to anyone else as part of a competitive game.

No. You can only send and receive emails or participate in the Phisher benchmarking engine if you are signed up and in the same game/company. Nobody from outside your game will be able to attack you or receive attacks from you.

No. All the links sent out through our engine are from MonkPhish. Even if you put a malicious link in one of the emails, we would automatically turn it into a MonkPhish link before it was sent out.

Yes, you can sign someone up but designate them only as a “target”, not a “player”. You can do this when you sign people up or later on in the admin menu under “Settings” > “Users”.

No, you need at least one other person to play the multiplayer game. This is a social engineering game, so you need someone to socially engineer – or to socially engineer you! We recommend at least 10 people to play in the game to keep it interesting!

Special pricing only available to the BOXX Broker Community. Verification may be required.

Prices are in Canadian Dollars. Offer valid until 30 April 2022.
Each package includes 5 user credits per user or target per month.

Pricing for up to 100 employees for $100.00 is limited to the first 100 orders of either 100 employee version of this game offer, thereafter $200.00 for 100 employees. 

Accounts can only replace a maximum of 10% of users and targets within the 12 month period of the subscription.
Additional users and targets will be charged at the standard $1.00 per user per month price for the balance of the subscription period.