The Digital Transformation You Didn’t Think About

The Digital Transformation You Didn’t Think About

by Adam
March 3, 2022

Cyber security is a key component in the communication and development of any  organisation. If your organisational communication is not secured, there could be loopholes that hackers could use to steal and/or exploit your data and cause losses to your organisation. To ensure that your data is protected, you need to ensure cyber security is a key component of your enterprise.

Cyber security risks are a major concern for digital transformation in organisations.

Digital transformation and remote working are the most discussed topics during the last few years. Digital transformation can only take place when remote working is really possible.. Likewise, it is impossible to talk about remote working without touching on digital transformation. 

Within the last couple of years, the Covid-19 pandemic rushed many organisations towards digital transformation. Employees and employers without experience with remote work suddenly found themselves working from home. At the same time, the rush to build up digital platforms and systems resulted in vulnerabilities and caused increased cyber security risks. 

71% of IT security employees say that the rushed digital transformation increases the risk of a data breach. 82% of employees believe that their organisation experienced at least one data breach due to digital transformation.”

Achieving a secure digital transformation process is a significant challenge.

The process of securing your digital transformation might fail due to a lack of experience. Recent studies prove that the IT department of an organisation has a low level of involvement in ensuring a secure digital transformation process. Cyber security requires guidance and relationship building within an organisation. 

The cause of  cyber security vulnerabilities might be misalignment within the organisation. It is up to the organisation and its employees to motivate and be motivated to learn cyber security skills and be able to interact within the organisation in an aligned manner. It requires all the departments on both the vertical and horizontal levels to be aligned with cyber security strategy and to include each member of the organisation in every step of the cyber security journey. 

Digital transformation gives a lot of benefits for communication and development. However, to make sure that digital communication is secure, cyber security needs to be a key asset in every process of the organisation from its start to finish. 

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