Train your team and stop cyber attacks

Give your employees next-level cyber security training through a fun and easy to play game.

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Reduce your exposure to cyber attacks with an engaging game.

With MonkPhish, all your employees learn how to recognise  and respond to cyber attacks.

We’ve built a fun and easy to use training platform that’s also a game.

MonkPhish lets your employees use their inside knowledge to trick colleagues in peer-to-peer spear phishing simulations.

Best of all, these simulations are likely to be better and more cunning than what the best a cyber criminal could come up with – because who knows your business and employees better than, lets face it, your employees.

After playing MonkPhish they will be more likely to recognise that spear phishing email when it hits their inbox and properly respond.

“MonkPhish is fun and engaging. Best of all, it turns boring cyber training into cyber gaming.”

— CEO, gaming industry, UK

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