Cyber Security for Communication Professionals

Cyber Security for Communication Professionals

by Adam
December 8, 2022

With the rapid digitalization of today’s world and the increasing popularity of online communication channels, being a good communicator has become a much more extensive process. A digital communication professional must be familiar with all digital communication channels, possess extensive knowledge of digital culture and have a highly developed communication competence.

Professionals in communication are just as affected by digitization as are those in other fields. As a result of technological advancements, the way communication professionals work has changed, and new tools have been added. Data gathering, storing, and analysis have grown to be crucial tasks for communication professionals. The new reality for communication professionals also includes a significant amount of working with digital communication channels and expanding online networks. If one is unaware of the digital risk of having one’s personal information, login credentials compromised, or of ability to be tricked by social engineers, they run the risk of jeopardising organisational communication.

What is the major obstacle for communication professionals in terms of cyber security?

Communication specialists are currently faced with a significant difficulty due to the lack of communication surrounding cyber security. Both internal organisational communication and a narrative to support it that would help spread awareness are lacking. 

In order to build a strong foundation for sustainable cyber security in organisations and address these issues among their employees, companies often choose to invest in technical solutions that offer cyber security as part of a full package.

Ineffective communication is evidence of a major cyber security obstacle. In other words, cyber security is not equally communicated among employees, organisational departments and its levels. It is exclusively discussed by tech professionals and at a higher level of organisations leaving non-tech professions excluded and unaware of digital environment risks.

How can communication professionals overcome this barrier?

One of the major problems with organisational cyber security nowadays is phishing. One worker just needs to click on a malicious link or attachment to cause harm. Most of the time, the technical package for cyber security solutions is insufficient. When external parties participate in organisational cyber security, which is a possibility when working remotely, it is unquestionably insufficient.

We suggest:

Easy language 

Cyber security narrative and communication around it should be easily understood and communicated. The sophisticated language should not be the reason to avoid having a discussion on a matter of cyber risks. Instead, it should be accessible, and discussed in simple terms among people, and become a topic for daily and small talks. 

Visual tools

It is easier to understand the trend and risks of cyber security when awareness of them is sustained by visual aids or interactive communication. It can be an interactive platform that trains employees on a daily basis.

Communication barrier

Cyber security risks should be better communicated and brought closer to people to improve their awareness and understanding. It should be discussed at all levels of the organisation. 

The resources you need to have should be not only technical, but also interpersonal and behavioural. The cyber security policy of your organisation should cover the rules and regulations of who, when and how to report incidents and to whom. Reach out to learn how we can help you with that.

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