Cybersecurity Awareness Month is coming!

Cybersecurity Awareness Month is coming!

by Adam
September 8, 2022

Do you intend to prepare for Cybersecurity Awareness Month? Prepare for Cybersecurity Awareness Month with MonkPhish.

As the threat of cyber attacks and cyber threats grows, cyber security awareness month is a good way of getting more people on board to become aware of the dangers. This blog is your checklist of your cyber security hygiene!

We are all digital users. Many of us prefer a remote or hybrid work environment. When cyber criminals constantly evolve social engineering tactics, our personal information is always at risk. Social engineering in cyber security is a common attack used to steal information and breach databases. To be completely safe, you must be aware of the most common social engineering techniques. Devote your time to cyber security! It’s time to get started!

What is Cyber Security Awareness Month?

Every year, the whole month of October is dedicated to raising awareness and providing information about cyber security around the world. It includes useful practices and activities to promote cyber hygiene. 

Every digital action has the possibility of becoming a target for hackers. According to the most recent statistics, people are aware of the dangers of digital communication, but yet disregard sophisticated cyber security defence measures. One reason for such ignorance is that it is not always easy to recognize when your data has been compromised. Check your cyber security intuition here.

Cyber security literacy is no longer a niche issue; it affects everyone.

The message of International Cyber Security Month has been that cyber security is a shared responsibility since 2012. We’ve compiled a list of simple questions to assist you in determining your digital level of vulnerability.

☑️ Are you a digital user?
☑️ Do you have  a social media account?
☑️ Do you clean up your social media accounts regularly?
☑️ Do you use multi-factor authentication?
☑️ Are you aware of password and username security?
☑️ Do you use a VPN?
☑️ Are you aware of social media phishing?

If you answered ‘NO’ to any of the questions, make sure you check this.

☑️ Are you aware that you share confidential information online?
☑️ Are you aware of fake emails?
☑️ Are you aware of phishing signs?
☑️ Do you check the sender’s name and email address?
☑️ Are you aware of urgent and tempting requests online?
☑️ Do you verify sources before downloading?
☑️ Do you scan attachments and links included in emails?
☑️ Are you aware of cyber criminals using branding elements?

If you answered ‘NO’ to any of the questions, we strongly recommend you to read this.

☑️ Do you have your WiFi network protected?
☑️ Do you back up your data regularly? 
☑️ Do you regularly update your software?
☑️ Do you regularly destroy digital versions of sensitive documents?
☑️ Do you scan devices before you plugin?
☑️ Do you have antivirus installed?
☑️ Are you aware of anti-spy, anti-spam, and anti-phishing software?

If you answered ‘NO’ to any of the questions, then you might be interested in having a look at this

In October, we have a number of exciting events planned. Join us in celebrating Cyber Security Awareness Month and learn ways you can protect yourself and your loved ones. Cyber Security Awareness Month focuses on all of the ways you can be safe and secure online. Make #ThinkBeforeYouClick your daily moto and raise awareness about cyber security in your community.

MonkPhish can help you improve your security awareness right now! Follow us on social media to learn about upcoming cyber security events and SUBSCRIBE! 

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