Know about cyber attacks before they happen

Know about cyber attacks before they happen

by Adam
January 6, 2022

Today’s pandemic makes businesses seek cyber security protection due to remote working. Insufficient security measures led to almost 57% of Social Engineering/ Phishing attacks on businesses in 2021. 

Cyber attacks hit businesses every day. The variety of attacks has increased. They have become more frequent, targeted, and complex. Although, businesses are not the only ones who become cyberattack targets. Individuals also become targets of cyberattacks. It happens due to the higher availability of personal information on personal devices. Increasing the knowledge about cyberattacks, understanding cyber attacks, and cyber security information becomes a preventive measure of future cyber attacks. 

What cyber security, its most common threats are, and how to reduce its possibility will be covered in this blog.

What is cyber security?

Hackers focus on the Internet of things (IoT) and data storage attacks. IoT is a smart device from which hackers can gain personal and confidential information. The entry point on a personal device is the most challenging access where sensitive information can be leaked from a data storage. Experts expect these attacks to grow. Cyber security includes business protection against cyber-attacks, data and networks protection, unauthorized access prevention, and improved confidentiality. So what is cyber security?

Cyber security is the protection of systems that are connected via the Internet. It is simply used to protect your data against its leak. Today it is vital to protect your data with the increase of the number of users, devices, and programs, its sensitivity, and confidentiality.

5 Most common cyber security attacks and How to reduce them

A cyber security threat can be defined as a malicious attack that seeks unlawful data access. There are different kinds of cyber security such as application security, data or information security, or network security. These are the most common cyber attacks:

  1. Malware is malicious software that can be installed to harm your computer by clicking on a provided link.
  2. Denial of Service (DOS) attacks disrupt the traffic of a targeted system that starts slowly crashing a computer where the computer or network can no longer respond.
  3. Man in the Middle attack interrupts the traffic where hackers insert themselves in the two-party transaction to install malicious software.
  4. Social engineering is an attack that relies on human interaction to trick a user breaking a security procedure to gain sensitive information.
  5. Phishing attacks use fake communication such as emails, calls, and messages to trick a user into following the instructions to provide sensitive information.

Do not panic! We have good news! You can reduce these attacks by:

  • Reducing data transfer to personal devices
  • Careful download from unverified sources
  • Improved security password
  • Updated device software
  • Monitoring data leaks

Let’s begin this New Year prepared to fight against cyber attacks. 

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