Build your cyber security intuition

Build your cyber security intuition

by Adam
March 17, 2022

The internet is an essential part of our everyday life. Social media allows us to find information about pretty much anything we want. As a result, it is easy to obtain any personal information. To minimise the risk of losing personal data, we should be more cyber literate

What is Cyber Literacy?

Cyber literacy refers to the ability of computer and technology usage. It refers to the deep understanding of digital actions. Cyber literacy is crucial for digital communication because now the internet is part of our everyday lives. In other words, cyber literacy is the ability to use and assess digital communication for yourself and others. It is also the ability to speak to others and understand who we communicate with on the internet

What does Cyber Literacy include?

Cyber literacy includes cyber skills and cyber knowledge. Cyber skills focus on what, when, and how we do in the digital environment, while cyber knowledge focuses on why we take that action. Cyber literacy raises such important questions as cyber privacy, cyber advocacy, and cyber risks.

Cyber literacy consists of four stages:

  1. Awareness stage. It is about being critical in terms of digital technology and its usage. It is about understanding the processes of digital communication and cyber security.
  2. Recognition stage. It is the ability to recognize relevant and irrelevant information. It is identifying the information that can potentially bring cyber risks.
  3. Evaluation stage. It is the ability to evaluate information sources and manipulate them. 
  4. Management stage. It is the ability to use digital communication safely.

Cyber literacy is an ongoing process that we should integrate into our daily life. The digital communication users are the most significant group at risk. People need to understand the cyber risks they take when they go online. 

Such risks can be:

  • Social Media usage
  • Cyberbullying
  • Personal Data theft
  • Social Engineering attacks 
  • Malware

Cyber security is a necessity these days, and it is crucial for users to create a cyber security literacy and for employers to demand it. The human-driven approach can directly increase cyber security awareness and motivation to tackle cyber security risks.

Building cyber security literacy means building cyber skills in an authentic environment. Therefore, we encourage you to check out MONKPISH and request your demo! 

Contact Adam to learn more! 

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