Cyber Security Made Easy

Cyber Security Made Easy

by Adam
April 21, 2022

Cyber security products have traditionally been designed for people with a high level of technical expertise. It has led to a situation where ordinary people like you and me see them as very difficult to use. You come across a cyber security product and think it is too complicated and too sophisticated to use. 

Does it sound like you? Well, we have a solution for you. Cyber security does not need to be too difficult to learn, apply, and use. It can be simple, joyful, and engaging!

The real threat to your cyber security is unstructured

Ordinary once-a-year-half-an-hour training does not address the real threat. It is hard to predict what a cybercriminal hacker will do because they are humans and have different motives behind their goals. It is hard to predict what they will target, approach, and obtain from you. The most popular approach to cyber security is a technical one. Organizations use software or environment and then think of engaging people in this environment for cyber security training.

Example 1

The company decides to check cyber security vulnerabilities in the organization. They send malicious emails to their employees. It is the patterned emails that get in employees’ inboxes. Can it reflect the actual level of cyber knowledge and skills of employees? The answer is NO because it is a repetitive model where employees know that the simulated threat is coming from the IT department. 

Cyber security can be a multiplayer game that engages and fosters collaboration among different departments in the organization. It does not need to cost hundreds of dollars, including the research. On the contrary, it can be very approachable and accessible to everyone. It can help organizations identify threats before they happen and test their strength.

Example 2

The same company decided to apply the human capital approach where its employees are engaged in cyber security gaming. Employees learn the malicious email design, the logic behind phishing and now can identify the strengths and weaknesses of their organization. Teams simulate malicious emails that are very personal, targeted, and unique. They start checking for signs of malicious emails, become conscious and careful. They start recognizing such attacks. 

It becomes an ongoing cyber security exercise that fosters collaboration in the organization towards the same goal: cybersecurity. 

What is the value of MONKPISH?

MONKPHISH is a cyber security company with a human capital approach to cybersecurity. We focus on humans first and then apply the technology to make humans stronger. We foster cyberculture within the organization: it is organic, it is upward, and it addresses spear-phishing threats, cyber security awareness, and social dynamics.

If you have questions, contact us to learn more.

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