Everyone is a Cyber Security Guard

Everyone is a Cyber Security Guard

by Adam
May 19, 2022

Cyber security is a crucial issue in the current digital world. However, instead of considering cyber security as a human issue, it is considered a technical issue that needs to be fixed by tech experts. Cyber security is a technical term as much as being a human term. This blog is about how every digital user should be a responsible individual in cyber security and become their own cyber security guard.

Human creativity is a superpower that should be turned into an asset of a cyber security guard

Digital communication is taking over today. We will continue communicating online, downloading and installing from the Internet, and sharing our data on social media channels. It means we will keep exposing ourselves to becoming victims of cyber security threats. We will keep receiving such threats online in our email boxes or in personal chats that will target our sensitive data. 

Behavior pattern and Cyber Security Guard

It is important to understand that we can and should change behavior regarding how we react to cyber security threats. 

Most people tend to see the information they receive in their emails as safe. Here we have a cyber security gap. While being tricked by a human vulnerability and falling for a cyber security attack, we still do not know what to do afterward. 

Many users state that the biggest issue is to report the cyber security attack that happened to a user. It is the gap between not taking responsibility and taking action under the circumstances.

Cyber Security Guard mode

It is in our nature to share information to survive when it includes threats. Today we should raise awareness of cyber security threats and actions to survive online.

Even in the world of the perfect AI human creativity takes over. Cybercriminals, being as creative humans as online users, find ways to break down even the perfect AI. The only technological cyber walls are not sufficient enough. Cyber walls require human engagement. 

If there is an emergency involved during the cyber attack, most users will respond immediately and positively. What is critical is to help users recognize the cyber security threat and become their cyber security guards

Cyber Security Guard tool

Training users from different departments in the organization is the key to successful cyber security. It will help the company to become stronger when facing a cyber-attack. This is why we created a tool that helps build cyber security skills and change the cyber security behavior pattern. It is authentic and creative, just the right one for humans to use. 


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