10 Hacks to Keep Your Employees Safe

10 Hacks to Keep Your Employees Safe

by Adam
January 27, 2022

Whether you have a small business or a big one, whether you are aware of cyber attacks or have not experienced them yet, here is the truth:  – Phishing attacks can happen to anyone and at any time. 

But we have good news – it is possible to reduce the risk of successful phishing attacks! 

How? Let us tell you in this blog. 

Here are some simple tips that your employees can take. Some of them are:

  • Check your emails with care. People not paying attention before they click or download something is the core issue that leads to being tricked into falling for a phishing attack. . 
  • Look for phishing scam signs. Looking for the signs of phishing attacks and being aware of what those signs are can reduce the potential risk of a successful cyber attack.
  • Browse carefully. Also, it is important to browse online carefully.

Today many web browsers already include security features to keep you safe online. However, the most vulnerable element of cyber security is the human element. We are all affected by tiredness, distraction, and can get confused. Moreover, phishing is becoming more and more personalized. Cybercriminals conduct prior research on their targets using personal data from social media, so it is getting easier to trick people as more personal info is put online. 

It is a good practice to constantly remind yourself and your team about the simple measures to keep in mind to avoid phishing.

10 hacks on how your team can stay aware and prepared for phishing attacks:


  1. Be aware of fake emails. It is simple –  just think before opening emails from unknown senders. Less sophisticated cybercriminals sometimes have simple spelling and grammar errors in their attacks, as well as redundant words in capitals.
  2. Be careful about  sharing your confidential information. Legitimate organizations will never ask to share sensitive information by email. 
  3. Be aware of attachments. Scan them before opening. They can include malware..
  4. Be aware of criminals using branding. Emails can include brand logos, sites that imitate a well-known domain name, and even well-designed branded web pages. Remember to check domain names. There should be no alterations. 
  5. Make sure the name and the email address are consistent.
  6. Be suspicious of messages that contain urgent action requests.
  7. Keep your browser updated.
  8. Be careful what you post on social media. Be cautious about posting information that can be used against you or your colleagues. It is important to check your social media accounts to make sure they were not accessed by outside parties.
  9. Be aware that malicious links can be posted on social media.
  10. Stay updated and informed about phishing attacks. Remember that you can always report something if it seems suspicious. This is just about being careful.

We hope these were useful tips.

Learn more how MonkPhish can help your team stay informed!

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