Create an employee phishing defense that actually works

Create an employee phishing defense that actually works

by Adam
January 20, 2022

In 2020 Shield Phisher Pty Ltd released MonkPhish. What is MonkPhish, and How is it different? 

After recognizing the need for a renewed focus to stop spear-phishing attacks, we came up with the idea of a cyber security game. Cyber security is no joke. MonkPhish is an  engaging training platform where every user can learn how spear phishing attacks work and how to spot, report, and stop them. 

MonkPhish’s game approach is an innovative and engaging cyber security training strategy not previously seen. 

We believe people learn best when they are having fun!

How does MonkPhish work?

Cyber security games simulate cybersecurity threats, and cyber defense and response actions. MonkPhish provides a safe space for employees to play and test each other in a gamified environment. We foster friendly competition and collaboration and raise awareness about spear phishing. In our flagship game, team members create and send simulated spear-phishing attacks to each other. They can get points by tricking co-workers into clicking the simulated emails.s. 

We believe that when team members learn how social engineering attacks can be created, they learn how spear phishing actually works. Hence, they can recognize spear-phishing attacks and stop them.

How does MonkPhish differ?

MonkPhish is more effective than traditional cyber security training. It provides a unique user experience and effective engagement where employees compete against each other by simulating real phishing attacks. Your employees know your organization best, so they can simulate sophisticated, highly-targeted spear-phishing attacks. Standard “spear phishing training” uses templated phishing attacks, maybe with a name automatically changed for each target. MonkPhish provides the opportunity for actively understanding how targeted and personalized spear-phishing attacks work. 

MonkPhish aims to empower users to identify, stop, and fight back against cyber-attacks!

Through phishing simulation, MONKPHISH develops cyber security culture, builds a unified cyber defense, and empowers team members to protect themselves against cyber attacks.


Builds cyber awareness among employees

Builds recognition of phishing attack among employees

Improves employees’ recognize and report behavior

Empowers employees to stop spear phishing attacks 

Turn boring cyber training into cyber gaming with MonkPhish!

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