Stay Cyber Safe This October with MonkPhish!

Stay Cyber Safe This October with MonkPhish!

by Adam
October 6, 2022

It is never too late to improve your online security and cyber hygiene. This month is all about understanding what cyber security is, how to maintain good cyber hygiene, and being aware of the risks in the digital world. To defend against cyber threats, we emphasise personal accountability.

Cyber Security Awareness Month is every October. The month promotes cyber security awareness. It originates in the United States of America. The National Cyber Security Alliance established National Cyber Security Awareness Month in 2004 to assist citizens in staying safe and secure online. Aside from staying safe and secure online, we want to emphasise the importance of citizens being proactive and responsible for their cyber security. This month’s topics will be cyber security and accessibility.

Simplifying Cyber Security

Today, digital communication is taking over. We will continue to communicate online, download and install software from the Internet, and share data through social media channels. This means that we will continue to expose ourselves to cyber security threats. We will continue to receive such threats in our email inboxes or in personal chats that target our sensitive data online. 

Even in the perfect AI world, human creativity triumphs. Cybercriminals, who are as inventive as online users, find ways to defeat even the most advanced artificial intelligence. The only technological cyber walls available are insufficient. Human interaction is required to build cyber walls. 

Cyber security may appear to be a complex issue, but it is more of a day-to-day issue that we all face. It is critical to understand that we can and should change our behaviour in response to cyber security threats. Today, we raise awareness of cyber security threats and online communication actions.

Cyber Security Actions

We created a cyber security phishing guide. It is Your Cyber Security Phishing Guide. This e-book will help you understand cyber security phishing in easy words, prepared by our cyber security experts. 

It includes: 

  • Introduction to Social Engineering. Understanding stages of cyber attacks.
  • Introduction to Phishing. Types of Phishing attacks.
  • Learning about cyber literacy, the importance of cyber knowledge, cyber skills, and stages of cyber literacy.
  • The risks of digital communication and how to check if you compromise your cyber security. 
  • Cyber Security Phishing Tips.
  • 15 Hacks on how to stay aware and prepared for phishing attacks.

Here are also 3 things you can do in October:

  1. Join our #cybersecurityawareness campaign and help us spread the word about #thinkbeforeyouclick.
  2. Sign up for our newsletter to stay cyber updated.
  3. Stay in touch and follow us on social media.We strive to make cyber security more inclusive and understandable. We continuously host a number of cyber security webinars and workshops throughout the year. 

The cyber security industry is rapidly changing and expanding year after year. Maintaining a good cyber security posture and staying up to date on the latest trends and threats is more important than ever. One way of doing that is an experiential cyber security learning.

Come play the MonkPhish cyber game with us. Book your demo now!

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