What You Need To Know About Cyber Security

What You Need To Know About Cyber Security

by Adam
December 1, 2022

Cyber security is one of the most important topics of our times. Every day we read news about data breaches and cyber attacks. Despite this, most of us are equipped with only a vague understanding of what it means and how to protect ourselves. The problem can be found in the explanation that traditionally, cyber security products have been designed for people with a high level of technical expertise. As a result, ordinary people regard them as extremely difficult to use. The good news is that the situation is improving. Here is how.

“Cyber security is not a product but a process”. Bruce Schneier

Traditional approach to Cyber Security

Ordinary half-hour training once a year does not address the real threat. It is difficult to predict what a cybercriminal hacker will do because they are humans with diverse motivations. It is difficult to predict what they will aim for, approach for, and obtain from you. A technical approach to cyber security is the most common. Organisations use software, and then consider training people in that environment for cyber security.

Businesses need to train their employees to be on the lookout for suspicious emails, especially during the holiday season. Spear phishing is a type of email that is targeted to a specific person or group. It is a targeted email attack and is aimed at tricking people into giving up confidential information. While some of the emails may look very realistic and believable, they still need to be examined closely.

Complementary approach to Cyber Security

We believe that when people learn how to create social engineering attacks, they will understand how spear phishing works. As a result, they can detect and prevent spear-phishing attacks.

MonkPhish outperforms traditional cyber security training. It offers a unique user experience and effective engagement by simulating real phishing attacks. In this business environment, it is people who are the most familiar with the company. Thus, employees can simulate sophisticated, highly targeted spear-phishing attacks. 

MonkPhish offers a safe environment for employees to play and test one another’s cyber security knowledge and skills. We encourage collaboration in cyber security and raising awareness about spear phishing. It  allows people to actively understand how targeted and personalised spear-phishing attacks work.

Cyber Security: MONKPHISH

MonkPhish is the next step in cybersecurity training:

  • Builds cyber awareness
  • Brings social behaviour change
  • Builds recognition of phishing attack
  • Builds cyber skills and knowledge 
  • Improves phishing attack recognition 
  • Empowers to report phishing attacks
  • Boosts cyber hygiene and well-being
  • Releases stress and anxiety over cyber-attacks
  • Creates cyber security culture: engagement and trust

To start with:

We created a cyber security phishing guide. It will help you understand cyber security phishing in easy words, prepared by our cyber security experts. 

It includes:

  • Introduction to Social Engineering. Understanding stages of cyber attacks.
  • Introduction to Phishing. Types of Phishing attacks.
  • Learning about cyber literacy, the importance of cyber knowledge, cyber skills, and stages of cyber literacy.
  • The risks of digital communication and how to check if you compromise your cyber security. 
  • Cyber Security Phishing Tips.
  • 15 Hacks on how to stay aware and prepared for phishing attacks.

MONKPHISH is a cyber security firm that takes a human capital approach to security. We start with humans and then use technology to make them stronger. We foster an organic, upward cyberculture within the organisation that addresses spear-phishing threats, cyber security awareness, and social dynamics. Book your demo to learn more!

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