MonkPhish is a cyber security learning platform offering different features for professionals and non-professionals alike.

MonkPhish Pro

AI driven phishing simulations for cyber security professionals

Improve your phishing simulations with AI and scale training against BEC attacks!


Experiential learning to improve your whole team’s cyber resilience

Everyone can create and learn from each other in a safe cyber sandbox

Experiential cyber awareness training

MonkPhish is an experiential learning platform where employees learn to recognise and respond to spear phishing and other cyber attacks.

Say goodbye to boring slides, quizzes, or monotonous videos, and hello to an immersive learning environment that allows employees to develop cyber security skills and knowledge.


Your team is more likely to remember and retain the skills and knowledge needed to stay safe from cyber threats.

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Your team becomes more adept at identifying and mitigating cyber threats, to reduce the risk of successful attacks.

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Equip your team with the skills and knowledge needed to respond to cyber threats confidently.

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Empower your team to deal with threats quickly and effectively in identifying and reporting potential threats.

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“MonkPhish is fun and engaging. Best of all, it turns boring cyber training into cyber gaming.”

CEO, gaming industry, UK

Stop cyber criminals in their tracks.

MonkPhish enhances cybersecurity competencies through engaging experiential learning to transform your employees from your greatest cybersecurity risks into your greatest cybersecurity assets.

Develop a cyber security culture
Work together to grow your cyber defences
Empower your team to protect your business
Fun and engaging for the whole team

A fun and engaging experience that strengthens your cybersecurity defence

Enhancing Cybersecurity Competency through Experiential Learning

MonkPhish offers a safe and engaging platform for your employees to learn and practice cybersecurity skills. With our gamified environment, employees can test each other in a friendly competition that fosters collaboration and increases cyber hygiene competency throughout your company. Our approach transforms cybersecurity training from a dull and obligatory task to an enjoyable and engaging game that employees can play with their colleagues.

Our platform focuses on empowering "recognise and report" behaviour, which helps to stop potential breaches sooner, ultimately minimizing the financial impact on your organisation. By encouraging proactive cybersecurity practices, such as identifying and reporting potential threats, our platform helps your team to act quickly to prevent or mitigate potential cyber incidents. This approach can significantly reduce the financial impact of cyberattacks and other security incidents, ensuring the safety and continuity of your organisation's operations.

MonkPhish provides a more effective cybersecurity training experience than traditional third-party training services. This is because your employees possess insider knowledge of your organisation, which allows them to simulate sophisticated spear phishing techniques that are specific to your organisation. With our platform, your employees can use this inside knowledge to create and execute simulations that are tailored to your organisation, resulting in a more effective and relevant training experience. By utilising the expertise of your employees, our platform helps to maximize the effectiveness of your organisation's cybersecurity training.

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Elevating Cyber Hygiene Training with an Engaging Experiential Learning Approach

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