Privacy and Cyber Security

Privacy and Cyber Security

by Adam
March 9, 2023

Privacy is the essence of our virtual world. We need to be careful about how we safeguard our information. It is our responsibility to protect this personal information. Hopefully, this blog will help you so that you don’t become a victim of cybercrime.

The Internet of Things and other modern technologies are accessible with ease. Because of this, the digital world has become an integral part of our daily life. Since more personal information is exchanged and stored online, cyber security and privacy should be linked. Being cyber secure doesn’t imply staying out of the digital world; rather, it means being aware of its dangers and hazards and knowing what to do.

Privacy Mindset for a Digital User

Within the field of cyber security, new difficulties emerge every year. The digital world is always changing, just like the risks it faces, as new digital channels, programs, and social media platforms are created.

According to Canada’s Cyber Security Strategy, cyberspace is 

“the electronic world created by interconnected networks of information technology and the information on those networks. It is a global commons where more than 1.7 billion people are linked together to exchange ideas, services and friendship.” 

Therefore, it is essential to build a privacy mindset for a digital user. 

Privacy and Cyber Security

Many organisations are nevertheless unprepared for cyber security risks at the same time. A remedy is to act as your own digital security guard. To safeguard private data and maintain privacy, a digital user should cultivate a sense of responsibility for their online behaviour.

The intricacy of the connected IoT and the digital world must be emphasised. We lead dual lives in the physical and digital worlds, being technologically connected to everything from our homes to our workplaces.

Pros of digital connectivity

The distinction between digital and physical reality is muddled by digital connectedness. Since it is a means of gaining access to the digital information space, we are unable to avoid giving our personal information.

Cons of digital connectivity

Digital trust and understanding of the use of personal data are issues raised by connectivity. It results in a phenomena when people remove their personal information from digital settings, delete their social media accounts, or withdraw their data from online places.

A digital user might take preventative measures by being aware of privacy settings before sharing any personal information online.

If you are still unsure how to manage your privacy online, then get in touch!

MONKPHISH is a cyber security firm that takes a human capital approach to security. We start with humans and then use technology to make them stronger. We foster an organic, upward cyberculture within the organisation that addresses spear-phishing threats, cyber security awareness, and social dynamics.

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