AI Secures Your Network

AI Secures Your Network

by Adam
February 2, 2023

It is a common misconception that artificial intelligence (AI) pertains only to machines. While there is no doubt that machines have found their way into most business organisations and have become essential to processes, AI-based solutions have percolated into many operational aspects of business processes. You can use AI algorithms to reduce risks, improve productivity, control operational costs, and automate manual tasks.

Artificial intelligence has a significant advantage in cybersecurity. The reason is that it can use a lot of sources to find information that humans cannot easily find. The security of the Internet of Things is one area that can benefit from the use of AI. To learn more about the advantages AI has in cybersecurity, check out this blog.

Currently, many organisational operational tasks are supported by AI algorithms. They range from automated processes to methods for solving problems. AI has a significant advantage in cybersecurity. It has the capacity to analyse and neutralise significant amounts of potentially harmful data without involving any human beings. 

AI is most helpful when used in conjunction with tools like email filters and virus detection. However, it can be useful to analyse the behaviour of the hackers to discover whether their attacks follow a pattern. AI enables automatic and partially automated reactions and offers more precise modelling to anticipate upcoming attacks.

Sadly, AI may also be employed to find patterns in computer systems to find flaws in software and security measures. It may produce lots of phishing emails to propagate malware when combined with stolen personal data. Malicious actors can launch new attacks thanks to the use of AI-tools.

Capgemini Research Institute analysed the role of AI in cybersecurity. It strongly suggests that strengthening cybersecurity defence with AI is urgent for modern enterprises.

What are the advantages of AI in Cybersecurity?

10 Advantages of AI for Cybersecurity:

  1. A lot of data is handled by AI.
  2. AI gets smarter with time.
  3. AI may automate threat detection, improve response times, and keep up with hackers.
  4. AI can identify new risks. AI can be used to detect criminal activity and online dangers. AI may be trained to recognize patterns, detect malware behaviour, and detect malware.
  5. AI finds undiscovered risks. It has the ability to foresee the actions and motivations of hackers in a variety of cyber security attacks.
  6. AI anticipates threats of breach. The IT asset inventory, which is a comprehensive list of all equipment, users, and apps, can be determined with the aid of AI. It can anticipate where and how data security may be exploited. It allows for the configuration and enhancement of cyber resilience processes.
  7. Better vulnerability management is provided by AI.
  8. Duplicate cyber security procedures are handled by AI.
  9. AI quickens the detection and reaction times. The passing of time is crucial when data is corrupted. AI has the ability to detect threats early and stop them from doing any damage.
  10. AI makes authentication secure. AI employs authentication security whenever it accesses accounts, including fingerprint scanners, CAPTCHAs, and facial recognition.

In this blog, we have looked at some of the advantages that AI can bring to the table. We have also seen how AI has the potential to become a threat to humanity. Overall, AI is an effective tool and can make our lives easier. However, as it is a new technology, we need to do our best to ensure that it is used properly.

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