What is MonkPhish Pro?

MonkPhish Pro provides a safe environment for cyber security professionals to create and deploy different cyber security scenarios and test their organisation’s cyber defences.

MonkPhish Pro allows your team to learn from their mistakes and hone their skills without risking your organisation’s systems or data.

Currently MonkPhish Pro is over-subscribed. Please sign up for our waitlist below and we'll be in touch once we have more capacity.

Easy Simulation Creation

MonkPhish Pro takes the intuitive MonkPhish Email Composer to the next level.

We replicate the standard email user experience with the addition of a couple of phishing specific features.

You can also generate your own HTML rich draft templates by simply forwarding a draft email from their own email account.

MonkPhish Pro Email Editor

AI Generated Content

MonkPhish Pro takes your phishing simulations to the next level by leveraging the power of Large Language Model AIs to quickly create unique and targeted content to make your emails look more authentic.

MonkPhish Pro optimises the content of a phishing simulation and adds a personal touch to the emails that are sent to targets.

Coming Soon: Target specific AI generations – where each email that is sent to a target has something that is tailored to the position and business unit of the target.

Simulate BEC Attacks with AI

Business Email Compromise is a huge threat to organisations.

It is also hard to train against as it requires substantial time and effort to interact with targets.

MonkPhish Pro makes it easy to launch a BEC simulation for 1 to 100000+ targets in an organisation by leveraging the power of AI to respond to targets while tracking those that reply.

Coming Soon: Ability to create AI driven P2P BEC simulations that mimic different people within your organisation.

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You can take MonkPhish Pro for a test drive with our no obligation 1 month trial. We’ll even throw in 200 credits to get you started.


Currently MonkPhish Pro is over-subscribed. Please sign up for our waitlist below and we'll be in touch once we have more capacity.

Target Details/Reporting

Target Statistics

MonkPhish Pro provides a snapshot of your team’s cyber resilience.

You can quickly findย  the main threat vectors for your organisation to reprioritise training content and efforts.

See statistics about specific employees as well as a comprehensive organisational and phishing campaign level reports.

Want to find out more?

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MFA Access

Multi-Factor Access is required to access your account and send out simulations.

MonkPhish Pro is designed with security in mind.

Integrate directly with Google Workspace and Microsoft 365


MonkPhish Pro connects directly to your Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 Organisation account.

Not only can your team login using these sign-in methods, MonkPhish Pro also imports your user directory to make it easy to train your team.

Multiple Languages

MonkPhish Pro is available in 9+ languages.

You can use MonkPhish in your local language and the BEC AI simulator also is available in these languages.

Coming Soon: the BEC AI simulator will also be able to work with a different language for targets than set for the Organisation account.

Also, if your language is not available – reach out and we’ll add it to our list of supported languages!

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