How can cyber security strengthen sustainability?

How can cyber security strengthen sustainability?

by Adam
October 27, 2022

We believe it is critical to discuss the role of sustainability in cyber security as we celebrate Sustainability Day this week. Leading cyber security experts advise businesses on how to develop advanced cyber security policies and strategies. This blog focuses on tips for making your organisation more cyber sustainable.

Digital transformation is affecting critical infrastructures such as healthcare, finance, and education. Digital technology allows them to scale their digital services, making them more efficient and accessible. Today, digitalization is a phenomenon that aids in the achievement of sustainability goals. As these infrastructures recognize the value they add to digital environments, they become more vulnerable to cyber attacks.

Cyber attacks endanger not only personal data but also people’s lives. Cyber attacks undermine trust in institutions and businesses. As a result, long-term cyber security strategies and actions are required. Cyber attacks associated with digitalization are always underestimated, and cyber security risks are not fully addressed.

Cyber sustainability: Digital trust defined

“The confidence in the integrity of relationships, interactions, and transformations among providers and customers within an associated digital ecosystem,” according to the definition of digital trust.

The State of Digital Trust 2022 survey found a gap between what companies are doing and what they should be doing to establish leadership and earn people’s digital trust. Trust needs to be earned. A company’s financial growth is heavily reliant on digital trust. Despite this, only 12% of organisations assign a staff member to digital trust.

The most significant barriers to digital trust are a lack of skills and training, as well as a lack of leadership. To elaborate, the key advantages of a high level of digital trust in the organisation are a positive reputation, fewer privacy breaches and cyber security incidents, and loyalty. Digital trust extends beyond data security and privacy. It is about collaboration among the organisation’s professions.

Cyber sustainability: Steps to a trusted organisation

“Sustainable” refers to something that can sustain itself.

Here we prepared 5 steps to a sustainable cyber security in an organisation: 

  1. Security-conscious users-outcome. It means that the long-term cyber security sustainable strategy should be focused on people learning new cyber knowledge and skills continuously.
  2. A behavioural approach to cyber security transformation. It means that cyber security should become easier to understand, more accessible, and inclusive to every employee in an organisation. 
  3. A dynamic learning environment for cyber security. It involves complementary engaging and experiential cyber learning strategies. 
  4. A long-term strategic focus on humans in cyber security. It means that the gap between IT and other departments should be eliminated and cyber security should become as a part of a daily working routine as communication. 
  5. Social influence of cyber security. It means socially conscious strategies should be developed that include the restoration of trust in the organisation, and inclusion in social-behavioural cyber security resilience

Cyber security is a never-ending dynamic process. We have previously discussed the importance of implementing a cyber security behaviour change strategy in our blog. We hope you found this blog useful. 

If you have further questions, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you!

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